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Q: Do I need a library card to use a computer or access the internet? 

A: No, just sign in to use a computer or connect to our free WiFi on your own device.

Q: Do I need to pay a fee to obtain a library card? 

A: No, we only need proof of a mailing address, preferably a piece of recent mail and a current ID. 

Q: Can I scan documents and then email them? 

A: Yes, we can scan your documents on to a jump drive and assist you with attaching them to an email. 

Q: How many DVD's can I check out at one time? 

A: You may check as many as  you like, up to the card limit of 50 items at one time.

Q: Can I drop my items off at another library in the system? 

A: Yes, you may drop off your items at any of our 14 locations and they will make it back to us.