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Deanna McDermott

Deanna McDermott

I've been a resident of the Langlois area for almost fifty years. I was on the Langlois Library Board for 16 years during which time the new library was built. I've also served 7 years on the Langlois Water District board. I am looking forward to helping re-establish the Langlois Library as a resource for learning, for entertainment, as an informational center and for just good old fashioned reading. 

I'm also a contact person for the World Famous Langlois web site, posting events and other news blurbs & answering inquiries such as " Is my grandfather buried in the Denmark Cemetery?" and my most favorite:  Hey, I really want a Langlois T shirt, from a Mr. Langlois of Wisconsin. 

You can reach Deanna at 541-348-2507 or email

Term: 07/01/2021 - 06/30/2025